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I am so afraid yet so willingly to allow this new path to take me away. RajKaj Wow I feel very akin to most of u commentors from the sensitive to stubborn to the quick intellect. Ive even had a few people tell me im their favorite person! That means the pressures on though! I feel im a deep and genuine soul. It seems this is a very accurate summary of us.

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I Love being me most the time I usually hold myself to a very high standard and from time to time this leads to sporadic bouts of depression. I love being a father and am happily married to an Aries Earth Snake woman who loves the hell out of me. Ive got SO much more to say but ill spare yas! Much love to you people though! Take care of yourself and those worth it. Keep it real, laugh often! And dont take yourself too seriously ;. Jasmine a cancer earth dragon? I know I am powerful. I know I am right. I was born different.

Stood out from society. Moved alot. Changed countries, languages, religions, situations, yet I was so stubborn and intuitive I didn't let anything or anyone change me. I am still the same soul I was the day I was born. Nothing has changed. No time has passed. The same eyes look out of this face. The same reaction I get from others.

Too deep for anyone. Too smart for anyone. I see the big picture and I can fit many details into my mind and see what others can't. I have a sixth sense. Everyone feels and sees my energy vibration and can't tell what it is. No matter what I wear. Fat or not, ugly or not, different style and clothes or not. I get the same reaction. From strangers or family.

25 february horoscope sign

I want to find others like me to create my army. I see things others can't. No one is wrong. Dragons are creators. They create their own world and invite those who worship them. So yes So far no one. Leviathan Jun 22, I dont know about all this rising crap, and dont care, but you are looking for others like you? Have you ever came back to check this post?

My mind can grasp things others cannot fathom. The multiverse is not even the whole of existence. An army can rise, but only with a noble goal to lift them. OrganicSoul I can empathically perceive what you are saying. I can understand what you mean, what your trying to put your finger on through the various examples of experiences. Lol but I wouldnt put it that ay it the end. That is not a noble, honourable, or genuine way of loving and helping others in this life.

That sounds more like team dark at the end.

If you were serious that would a shame, humility is great power willingly empressing genuine love in all it various forms. Anyway for some reason I don't your really serious at the end there, I think that's probably your style of humour. If it is that's funny. I just happen to scroll down and read the comments and realized there is a good mount of replies responding to your reply.. I get you, just to the ending I bet your presence also somehow catalyst to your whereabouts hmm?

Humility is the eternal way of life. Live wise. AND we can only live a genuine lifestyle with a genuine pure heart and a love for others as yourself. It's better to think of others as better than yourself than for you to think otherwise. The humble will be exaulted.

AND before dishonour comes pride. Over and out. Absolutely agree with you on this pos human! His words chilled me to the core. I only know this for a fact because I met one who stalked me and threatened my life and those I loved over and over until he got himself jailed for 7 years.

Libra Dragon Traits

Scared the crapola out of me. The "person" above and I use this term lightly as he is probably capable of doing inhumane things to others and stomping all over people's rights because he views himself as more important than they are to start with and told us so. He is always right.

He knows this. He is building an army. He should be worshiped. Because they are missing a basic character trait every human has to a certain level: Empathy. Human kindness. It's missing in these alien species. They also add an element of sadism in their lives. No normal human does. No one should feel they are right building an army to worship them!

How disgusting.

Cancer born in Dragon year Personality Horoscope

His thoughts repulse me as a human being. How about kindness for a super power? Seemed to work out for Jesus and Gandhi. So far they are pretty big hits. That no one has found him yet is pretty funny on his part being so bewildered: where are my worshipers?! Don't they know I am here to be worshiped and not to give back in this life like everyone else? I am above all these people and should be leading them. How do they not know? Because you sir or madam are an asshole. You've been served and you are welcome. I can understand what you mean, what you're trying to put your finger on through the various examples of experiences.

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Taurus born in Dragon year Personality Horoscope

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Horoscope. Geeneral Astrology Forecast for 12 Zodiac signs

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